AppTonic is a lightweight .NET framework for building loosely coupled application services.

Using a simple message-based mediator called the AppDispatcher, AppTonic seperates your application logic from your web framework, UI, or messaging system.

The resulting application logic is organized by use case, not how methods are grouped on an interface — creating easily testable, maintainable and extensiable code.


AppTonic enables clean, hexagonal architecture that seperates your application logic from UI and infrastructure concerns.

  Enables Testability

Since your application logic is now free from your UI and infrastructure code, subcutaneous functional testing is a breeze.

  Cloud and Web Ready

Apps that communicate through messages - such as withHTTP requests or message queues - are a particularly good fit for AppTonic.

  Functionaly Fluent

Provides first class support for composing your app using partial function application.

  Meaningful Messages

Valuing message handling over method calls enables cohesive application logic and encourages rich domain modeling.

  Architecture Agnostic

Use AppTonic to power Domain Driven Design style application services or for simple Transaction Script flavored architectures.


By keeping features simple, flexible and light, AppTonic makes minimal assumptions about your architecture, making it a good fit for different approaches.


Although use of an IoC framework is a completely optional, by supplying a custom adapter or using Common Service Locator extension you can get up and running in seconds with your preferred framework.

  Pretty Pipelines

Cross-cutting concerns, such as logging, error handling, retry logic, and more can be added with or without an IoC framework.

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